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EHEDG Selection 2014

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Rückblick: Deutsches EHEDG Jahrestreffen vom 7. Februar 2013 in Karlsruhe

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General Information

EHEDG established a scheme for liquid handling equipment such that equipment can be certified (and a logo placed on the equipment) if it meets EHEDG Document No. 8* Hygienic design criteria and the additional criteria contained in other relevant Guidelines applicable to closed equipment such as Doc. 10. Equipment may be subjected to practical testing to demonstrate compensation for non-compliance for essential technical or functional reasons and suitability for cleaning in-place applications. Prolongation is required annually. The scheme has now been expanded to include other categories of equipment. Equipment previously certified as Type EL is equivalent to Type EL Class I.


* 2004 revision of Doc. 8 does not effect the relevant critera for certification.

The Test Methods Working Group consists of members from EHEDG Authorised Institutes who perform the EHEDG Test Methods, equipment manufacturers, food processors and Regulatory officials. The purpose of the Group is to maintain and develop test methods and assessment schemes for equipment to ensure the manufacture of safe and wholesome food. Guidelines on different test methods have been published and are reviewed periodically. New test methods are also under development, e.g open equipment.